Tips to Keep Your Clothes and Shoes Brand New Always

If you wear your clothes and shoes for too long, it is normal for them to get stains. But, instead of replacing a faded pair of black jeans or throwing away dirty suede shoes, you can try to extend their longevity. Here are some really easy hacks to keep your clothes and shoes from showing signs of wear and tear.

Use vinegar and salt to keep your black jeans from fading.

First of all, stop washing your jeans after every wear. Secondly, turn your jeans inside out before every wash so that the harsh detergents cannot corrode its shade. You can soak your black jeans in a bucket full of water, one cup of vinegar, and one tablespoon of salt right after you buy it. This will ensure the dye sets in properly and won't get faded after a few washes. Because nothing is worse than a pair of black jeans, that is no longer the shade of black you bought. 

Use hair conditioner to soften your woollens and lingerie.

Put a spoonful of conditioner in your washing machine or bucket when washing woollens or your lingerie . It will not only soften them effectively, but also make them smell fresh. 

Use a foam nail file to clean suede shoes.

Do not use soap or water to clean your suede shoes. You can use a foam nail file instead to buff away a dirty spot. 
Use window cleaner to keep your patent leather shoes, bags, and belts glossy. 
Patent leather has a typical glossy, varnished surface, which can become dull after too much wear. Spray on window cleaner like Colin, and then wipe it off using a soft piece of cloth. 

Get rid of blood stains with carbonated water.

You can use a mixture of regular detergent, regular water, and carbonated water in equal parts to get rid of blood stains. Soak the stained area with this mixture before washing it normally. 

Remove white spots from leather products with vinegar.

Use a concoction made of cold water and vinegar in equal parts, and pour it in a spray bottle. Spray this mixture on the white spots that form on your leather shoes or bags. Then wipe it off with a dampened piece of cloth. 

Use baby powder to remove grease stains from your clothes.

Sprinkle baby powder generously on the spot where the grease stain is, and leave it there till it gets soaked. Wash your clothes normally afterwards. 

Soften your old clothes in salt water.

For every litre of water, use half a glass of salt, and let all your old clothes soak in it for at least a couple of days. Afterwards, you can wash it with regular detergent. 

Remove pilling from your clothes with velcro.

Using a blunt razor to shave off pilling is also an effective way to do it. But, if you don't want to risk it getting torn off, then use this hack instead. Simply press the strip of velcro on the pilling and rub off gently. 

Use white vinegar or conditioner to soften your silk clothes.

If you have run out of fabric softener, and have to wash your silk clothes, then try this trick. After washing it, soak it in a bucket full of water and 1/4 cup of white vinegar. This will make sure that any leftover soap washes away. It can also restore shine and soften the silk. Use a spoonful of hair conditioner if you don't have vinegar and it will serve the same purpose.
We hope these tips and tricks help you keep your clothes and shoes in good shape for long
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